In terms of eliminating unwanted layers, such as coating or corrosion, there are only 2 removal methods you must consider, which could be abrasive blasting and sandblasting. Though both of these methods can get the job done. But you should take some time to do some research and determine which of them is suited for you and your needs since they differ in many ways. Make sure to hire the right surface preparation provider to assist you in deciding which method is better for you.

Multiple techniques

Even if sand is the main means of sandblasting, it can still encompass several techniques of abrasive blasting. The procedure itself could consist of things like water blasting, sponge blasting, and using mediums like dry ice, grits, and soda. But, for somebody to sandblast properly, they should have wide knowledge about this technique to clean the surface properly and for the right means of surface prep.

Greater than sandpaper

Since sandblasting mainly depends on the sand, its effect is like utilizing a stronger sandpaper type. In order to prepare for surface blasting, you have to use a serious technique of removing the substrate. If you have tried sandpaper, the following step could be sandblasting that enables you do depend on other ways of removal. Aside from that, sandblasting can help you to have a smoother and better finish without the need to worry about encountering issues with any corners and nooks that are hard to access.

Functions in mere hours

What great with sandblasting is the fact that it functions within hours. This is not actually true for some means of abrasive blasting methods. Maybe you have attempted before the method of using sandpaper and observed out that it actually might take several days to finish. You do not need to wait for several days if you apply to sandblast.

It’s cleaner and faster

If you like to use a rather faster and cleaner means of abrasive blasting, the best choice you can have would be sandblasting. This does not only prep several various surface types in a couple of hours, but it is also simple to clean it up.

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